VIP gives acces to multiple functions which make VolleySquare more interesting and more fun. VIP doesn't grant any profits in the game, but you do help the further evolution of the game.

You can buy your VIP account for a period of 3 months (3 EUR) or for 1 year (10 EUR) via PayPal, with notification of name, login and team-ID.
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Bookmarks for VIPCreate your personal categories and bookmark whatever you want! Matches, forum topics, players, teams competitions...
When being a VIP you will receive notification via events of even more diversity. You will receive a notification when players' skills increase or when somebody made a post in your guestbook.
On the transfert page there will be a possibility to find player with speciality and height.
you will be a possibility to save 5 standerd research.
VIP's will be able to navigate easily to the page of their friends. You only need to add them in your list! In this list you will be able to see whether they're online or not. You can also send them a message from this page.
This is a noteblock where you can write any message you want. This is only visible to yourself.
On the teampage there will be a possibility to add a logo of your team. This will be visible to other users. There will also be a guestbook and a place for messages from you, the manager.
Instead of only watching ratings of your played matches you will be given graphics per played set which make it easier to evaluate your setup.
You will have a balance per season and per week of your income and expenses. The text version logically will still be available.
VIP's get the possibility to grant numbers to their players. This makes it easier to remember who plays which position.
The trophies gathered by other VIP users can be seen in their team history. For every title or cup win there is a trophy foreseen.
VIP users will not see the ads!