VolleySquare is a free online volleyball manager game in which you play against teams managed by other users. You have full control of your club. You can manage all aspects: from your team line up to the number of seats of your sport hall. From finance to the best training to improve your players to selling players on the market.

The championship and the national and international leagues will be the background for exciting challenges and the question is one: how high up you can bring your team.


Click on Registration.
We ask you to be honest when providing the details:
- Your name: Your real name
- Registered with a valid email address
- Choose the country you live in

Most of the time there are teams available to manage, but you might have to wait a few days before a team will be assigned to you. Your request will be added on a waiting list and when your turn comes you will receive it. This is due to safety reasons, for examples when we need to reject invalid requests such as invalid team names, people with multiple teams and so on
You will receive an email when your application is either accepted or rejected.

It is possible that a user has previously managed the team which has been assigned to you. In this case, all previous players will be deleted and you will be assigned new ones. Existing debts will be paid by VolleySquare and you will be assigned starting funds that can be spent as you wish. The old team will be renamed with the name you have chosen.

Only teams in the last three divisions will be assigned. Due to this rule, you will need to really if you want to reach the Premiere League.

Finally, whenever you want to stop playing, for whatever reason, please don't log in any longer. After five weeks your team will become inactive. You cannot transfer your team to another user because it would not be fair to other users, who may be waiting for a team on the waiting list.


The VolleySquare site is very easy to use. At the top, you'll find a menu: if you move the mouse over it you will find different dropdown menus. If you click on each of these, you will see a different screen. These links will take you anywhere within the site.

Season overview

Each season has the same basics. Every week two matches of competitions are played, for a total of 22 days between home and away games. A game is always on Wednesday, the other over the weekend. Champions League, for those who qualify, or friendly tournaments are played on Mondays, while the national league or friendly matches are played on Fridays. You can choose the time of your home games at the top menu 'My VolleySquare', while you can also choose which day to play over the weekend.
The home team always serves first.

End of season:
The last two championship games are played at the same time and day for everyone, to not affect the ranking. The last game is always on a Wednesday. The playoffs are published the day after and League final is always played on Friday. The last training session of the season will be held on Thursday. The playoffs will be played over the weekend, and the following Monday the staff has a busy day in creating new groups, deleting inactive teams from the highest group and transferring the foreign teams in their own country championships. The prizes are paid and at the end of the evening, you can select players from your juniors team.

There is no training! (Even for those who have played the playoffs).

Tuesday is a rest day for everyone. Then we start again with a friendly match on Friday and on Saturday, it starts all over again.Tuesday is a rest day for everyone. Then we start again with a friendly match on Friday and on Saturday, it starts all over again.

Foreign teams
You can also enroll in a different league from the one of your nation, notwithstanding you are not allowed more than one team in VolleySquare.


Division In each division, there are 12 teams that will play each season home and away games (22 games in total). At the end of each season, the 11th and the 12th classified will be relegated, unless they do not play already in the lower division. Their places will be taken by the winners of the lower division. The teams ranked 9th and 10th will play a round of play-off against the team ranked second in the lower division. The winner will stay in the same division or will get promoted. The top teams in each division (up to 4 Series) will play in the Champions League against the first-placed of the corresponding series of foreign championships.

The ranking is based on points. If a team wins 3-0 or 3-1, gets 3 points. If it wins 3-2, gets 2 points. When a team loses 3-2 gets one point, but if it loses 3-0 or 3-1 gets no points.
The ranking is based on the following criteria: first, the number of points scored. If two or more teams have the same points, then the team which played less games comes first. In case of a tie, it compares the difference between sets won and lost. If the tie continues, the team with the most sets won comes first.
If it is still a tie, the team which registered first will win.

The Cup will take place with knockout games with the winner moving onto the next round. Worst ranked team always plays at home. Some teams will not play the first knockout match, passing directly onto the next round. The draw for the next rounds takes place on Friday evening at 22.00.

The Cup will take place with knockout games with the winner moving onto the next round. Worst ranked team always plays at home. Some teams will not play the first knockout match, passing directly onto the next round. The draw for the next rounds takes place on Friday evening at 22.00.

The home team serves first in every game.

Friendly tournament
Users taking out a VIP subscription (My volleysquare -> VIP), or new users for a period of one month after enrolling, can organize friendly tournaments to be held every Monday. You can choose the format on how to organize the tournaments (with knockout games or with preliminary rounds like for the Champions) and the number of teams, from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 32. If one of the participating team plays in the Champions League will lose 3 to 0 by forfeit exiting the tournament. When a user plays the Champions League it does not have the chance to organize friendly tournaments being already committed on Mondays.


Regards the players in your team. You have a maximum of 25 players in the squad. If you exceed this limit your market is blocked and you cannot pick a player from the juniors team either, at least until you sell (or fire) one of your players.
Each player has 8 different skills which determine how strong or poor that player is.

Service Block Setup Passing Defense Corner Attack Middle Attack Back Row Attack
Middle Attackerxxxx
Back row Attackerxxxxx

Experience gradually increases as your players play in the National cup, championship and for the national team. It increases directly to the level of the championship played or any calls for the national team.
The experience is considered for the game statistics.

The fitness influences the performance of the players in the game. The fitness increases when an athlete plays matches regularly. There is a small chance, however, that this won’t increase or even decreases.

Each player has a different level of "talent." Depending on the talent (the value of which is divided into "gold", "silver" or "bronze" and is shown by a hand in the player's screen) a player can improve their skills faster than another of equal workout. The "talent" feature is assigned to each Volleysquare player and so it will be for all the new players.

Service Block Setup Passing Defence Corner Attack Middle Attack Back Row Attack
Potente+ - - - + + +
Agile + + + + - - -
Tecnico+ + + + + + + +

The height affects players’ performance during the game and the individual abilities of the player himself. For example, a high Libero will have problems in passing and defending, while a high middle experience will improve attacking and blocking.


Once a week starting Monday you may pick a player from your juniors’ team. Do not expect to select champions straight away. Sometimes choices will be good sometimes not. Every time you select a player from juniors team you’ll get credited € 2000. The selection will be carried out every Monday from 01.00.

VIP players can select 17 year old players and can choose their nationality, others can select 17, 18 or 19 year old


If more than 3 players with the same role are on court (4 setters for example), in the starting lineup or in the subs, none of them will receive training. If a player plays both the main match and the subs match, he will only receive training for the position in which he played in the main match. The Results are available Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The training considers ONLY players who played games in competitions (both the official and the subs), while others players not used will receive a minimum training.
From season 44 it will be possible to set up a second type of training only valid for players under 22 years old. Of course, you cannot set the same workout for the primary and secondary, you cannot select the General workout for the second type of training and some workouts, which complement a player in his role (see Libero and Middle), cannot be selected simultaneously (see Defensing and Passing).

Who trains what?
The time required to improve a skill depends on the age of the player and his talent. Not all skills increase at the same rate, it's up to you to find out the best workout for your team.

TrainingSkillFull trainingPartial trainingMinimal training
generaleverything except shape and experienceeveryone
physical= general
corner attackcorner attackcorner attackersback row attackersothers
blockblockmiddle attackerscorner attackers, setters and back row attackersothers
defensedefenseliberocorner attackers, setters and back row attackersothers
passingpassingliberocorner attackersothers
serviceservicesetters, corner attackers, middle attackers and back row attackersothers
middle attackmiddle attackmiddle attackersothers
back row attackback row attackback row attackerscorner attackersothers



To heal and prevent injuries, you can hire a doctor and/or a physiotherapist. Physios work mainly to prevent injuries and to help a little healing injured players. A doctor can rapidly heal a bruised player, much faster than a physio. When you hire someone, you pay his first salary straight away and there are five possibilities; consider that higher is the salary and greater is the impact of a physio/doctor on the prevention/treatment of injuries
Fitness Skill Weekly Salry


Every Monday at 1 a.m. VolleySquare Time, the weekly salary and the maintenance costs of the sports hall are being paid. Then, you also receive your weekly money from sponsors and new season tickets.

Under the menu Economy, you can see an extensive list of all your revenues and all your expenses. Also, you’ll see here your total number of fans that support your team, your current balance and the image of your club.

The easiest way to get new fans, is to win! Per fan that becomes a member of your team, you get 30 EUR.

If you get below -500 000 EUR, then you have seven days to work on this. If you don’t manage to get higher than this, you’ll be bankrupt, and you will be fired as manager of your team.

Prize money competition:

PositieLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7
11 000 000 EUR600 000 EUR360 000 EUR216 000 EUR129 600 EUR77 760 EUR46 656 EUR
2900 000 EUR540 000 EUR324 000 EUR194 400 EUR116 640 EUR69 984 EUR41 991 EUR
3850 000 EUR510 000 EUR306 000 EUR183 600 EUR110 160 EUR66 096 EUR39 658 EUR
4800 000 EUR480 000 EUR288 000 EUR172 800 EUR103 680 EUR62 208 EUR37 325 EUR
5750 000 EUR450 000 EUR270 000 EUR162 000 EUR97 200 EUR58 320 EUR34 992 EUR
6700 000 EUR420 000 EUR252 000 EUR151 200 EUR90 720 EUR54 432 EUR32 659 EUR
7650 000 EUR390 000 EUR234 000 EUR140 400 EUR84 240 EUR50 544 EUR30 327 EUR
8600 000 EUR360 000 EUR216 000 EUR129 600 EUR77 760 EUR46 656 EUR27 994 EUR
9550 000 EUR330 000 EUR198 000 EUR118 800 EUR71 280 EUR42 768 EUR25 661 EUR
10500 000 EUR300 000 EUR180 000 EUR108 000 EUR64 800 EUR38 880 EUR23 328 EUR
11450 000 EUR270 000 EUR162 000 EUR97 200 EUR58 320 EUR34 992 EUR20 995 EUR
12400 000 EUR240 000 EUR144 000 EUR86 400 EUR51 840 EUR31 104 EUR18 662 EUR

Prize money cup:

1/x Final Prize money
cup winner 1 000 000 EUR
runner up 740 740 EUR
1/2 final 548 696 EUR
1/4 final 406 442 EUR
1/8 final 301 068 EUR
1/16 final 223 013 EUR
1/32 final 165 195 EUR
1/64 final 122 366 EUR
1/128 final 90 642 EUR
1/256 final 67 142 EUR
1/512 final 49 735 EUR
1/1028 final 36 840 EUR
1/2048 final 27 289 EUR

The formula being used here is: money(round-x) = money(round-x+1) / 1.35



Sponsoring consists of a few sponsor contracts that are being presented by some companies to your club. The frequency and the amount of the contract is dependent of your results in the competition.

A contract has an amount per week and a duration (a certain number of weeks). The total amount of the contract is depending on your results in competition and the series you’re playing in. When you receive a contract proposal, you (as a manager) need to decide if you want to accept or decline the proposal. You can have at maximum five contracts simultaneously. When you already have five contracts, you can maybe miss that one big contract… It’s up to you to decide which contract you’ll accept.

Contract proposals are being generated on Thursday. When you receive a proposal, you’ll receive an event asking if you want to accept or to decline a proposal. A proposal is valid for one week. On Wednesday, all proposals that are not dealt with will be deleted.

The payment of your contract takes place at the same time of the payments of your salaries. At the economy-page, you’ll see your club image level. This level has influence on the amount that sponsors want to invest in your club. Sponsors will be looking at your club image to decide if they want to invest in your club. Your club image is dependent of your results in competition.


Sports hall

Your team will start with a small sports hall, so that you can increase the capacity from time to time. The capacity of your sports hall will start from 500 regular seats and 0 for VIP. When you increase the capacity you can choose between two types of seats that have different costs:

Building costs
Nornal100 EUR

In addition to the reconstruction expenses, there is also a fixed cost of 10,000 Eur for the building company. This figure is always calculated in the expenses estimated in the construction costs.

Renaming the building costs EUR 10,000.


Matches begin at a set time; the subs play an hour and a half before the official match. You can follow the match live: when something new happens, you'll see it in the report, as well as in the updated scoring. After a game, you can check the feedback.

To win a game, you need to have better assessments of your opponent. For better evaluations, you must use your players in a role which fits their skills best.

The assessment is calculated by taking into account certain characteristics of the players. Visible in a table, immediately after the game, you can see the feedback. You will see that it is different for each rotation. Logically, this happens for example because the Block depends only on players by the net in that rotation. Given that for each rotation, players by the net change, you will have a different assessment for the block for each rotation. The table will always have six lines, one for each rotation. The rotation is indicated by the letter R. In the last column, you will see the number of points that the team has done in every rotation.

RatingBased onUsed
SettingSetter' setalways
DefenseDefense of all players in second rawalways
PassingPassing of all players in back court except setter and universalservice opponent
ServiceLevel of service of player in position 1own service
AttacksOutside attack of universal player when at the net, outsiders attack when at the net, middles' attack when at the net, universal's attack when in back courtalways
BlockMiddle block at the net and a less percentage of blocks by other players at the net.always

All evaluations are then influenced by the shapes of players and their experience.

Team Line-up

You can enter the Team line up by clicking in this order Team, Games, Line up. The lineup must be placed at least 2 hours before the official match (which is 30 minutes before the subs' one).
The typical lineup includes: 1 setter, 2 middles (with a libero to sub in when defending), two spikers and one universal. The team who did not enter the lineup loses 3 to 0 by forfeit. If both teams have not entered the lineup the home team wins by 3 to 0.


You can think of the strategy to use when you prepare the lineup.
Each team starts with an "acceptable" team spirit at the beginning of the season. A team spirit affects the feedback of the defense and attack. With a high team spirit, you can get better ratings, while with a lower team spirit you will have lower ratings.

Go for it:
"Give your best" increases your game ratings, but your team spirit will decrease after the game.

Play as normal:
"Play as normal" has no influence on the assessments and on team spirit.

Take it easy:
"Take it easy" decreases your game ratings, but your team spirit will increase after the game.

In each daily update, your team spirit will move toward the acceptable level, increasing or decreasing according to the previous level.



Selling a player:
To put a player on sale, click on his name, choose the minimum bid that you are willing to accept and a deadline for the auction (between 24 hours to 14 days), and click on Sell.

If someone wants to buy your own player, you can make an offer. The player will automatically get transferred to the new team at the bid deadline. If no one will bid, the player will return in your team.

Buying a player:
When looking for a specific player, you can specify the skills in the search for the transfers list. Only players that meet the criteria specified will be displayed.

If you want to make an offer, you can click the player's name and enter the amount you want to offer. For amounts less than 10,000 EUR, you will need to raise a minimum of 1,000 EUR, 10% of the previous bid is added by default automatically. You can change this amount.

Warning: if you bid just before the deadline, the auction will be extended to three minutes. In this way, other players will have time to bid for the same player. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder will win the player, paying the first month's salary immediately.

Transfers rules

The funds available and keys players are ultimate aspects in Volleysquare, therefore the importance of checking the market transfers is crucial to make sure no team will get extra advantages.
It's therefore prohibited buying / selling players with inflated prices, as well as any activity which will benefit a particular team illegally.
The players' ability in the various skills, age, talent and the potential to play in the National team (U20 or more) are the only useful indexes to determine the possible market value of a player.
The GA (Global Administrator) are allowed to delete / change inflated transfers considered abnormal or suspicious, impose fines to teams or even ban the parties involved in the transfers as referred above.
If you happen to receive an offer clearly unappropriated for your player (or you see one for transfer), please contact immediately a GA. You can find our contacts visiting our "contact page". Your help will make Volleysquare a better and exciting game, thank you.

National teams

The teams whose players will be selected by their National team will receive one-third of their salary from the Federation, only if they will actually play.
The matches of the National teams do not give any additional training, but enhance the experience. Unfortunately, there is a risk that players will get injured during these matches.

The national teams coach will stay in charge for two seasons. After the end of the world championship, his contract expires and new elections are organized. Elections are held the first two weeks of the next season.
To apply for elections of the various national teams it's necessary:
  • Select the national team for which you want to apply through the menu on the right
  • click on the menu "Country" -> "Elections"
  • click on the button "Apply" and fill out the form
To vote for a User nominee you must:
  • click on the menu "Country" -> "Elections"
  • vote for the chosen candidate
At election concluded, the staff will provide to allocate a coach with the following criteria:
  • User with the majority of votes
  • If it's a tie, there will be another survey
  • If it's another tie, the User who has registered first at Volleysquare wins
  • If a User has been elected for several nations, must choose which nation will coach

NT and JNT:
The National team is coached by a User who is elected by the community.
He can only select players with the correct nationality, a maximum of 14 players at a time, with a maximum of 20 calls per season.
The choice is semi-permanent, since the national coach may call any player when he wants but he changes his mind 15 days after the call.
When there are no World Championship games, friendly matches are organized.
Junior Teams players must be than 20 years old.


Events is a feature that allows you to quickly see everything that has happened recently to your team. For example, a player who has not been bought, the salaries' payment, or a new message in your guestbook (for VIP users only), and so on.


VolleySquare forum
As you may have noticed VolleySquare has several forums. They were created for the most common languages of VolleySquare: Dutch, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. The navigation within the forum can be done via the drop-down menu at the top left of the forum page. In the forum, we expect everyone to know and respect the rules of conduct (which can be found in the forum itself). Any behavior non-compliant with rules will be punished accordingly. The forum has 5 subsections:

This forum includes everything related to VolleySquare. Here you can find other teams to organize friendly games, discuss the progress of games and championships, or chat with other users.

In this forum, you can ask your questions. You will receive answers from other experienced users or by a staff member. Before asking a question, however, we suggest to look in previous discussions to see if someone has already given an answer to the same question. Someone may have had similar doubts to yours in the past.

New Ideas
New ideas and suggestions for the improvement of the website are posted in this section. Do not expect that your idea will be implemented immediately, however please do not hesitate to write your suggestion, with other users' comments may become the best idea in the history of VolleySquare.

This is a very important section of the forum. If you find a bug on VolleySquare, report it immediately. Always check first that the bug has not been reported already or due of installation.

The transfer section has been created to act as the players market. You can advertise your players by publishing information that will not be visible until you actually put them on sale. Obviously do not believe to everything which is written in these forums. In addition to these sections, there are two more: "Other" and a forum related to your league.
On the Other forum, you can discuss everything that does not concern VolleySquare. Some topics and languages are not allowed (racist arguments, sexual discrimination, offensive language, ...).
Finally there is a section dedicated to the championship, of which you may or may not be part of it. You can add the forum of your league by selecting groups within the Forum menu. If you want to add the forum of a particular league, simply select it and then click on Watch Information, then click on Join Group.
Immediately after, the forum will be added in the League Forums section.


Discussions regarding violations of these rules are not permitted in the forum. You can report them via the Contact page, where administrators will investigate the incident. They can notice more aspects than a normal user and decisions are not only taken on the basis of transfers.

Each user can have only one team. Anyone who does not respect this rule will be banned from VolleySquare. You can always send messages to the Directors Team. They will take care to check the suspicious transfers.

Advertising Players:
Advertising players (or anything related to them) is not allowed through private messages. You can use the special section on the forum (selling and buying sections).

Several transfers in a short amount of time are seen as arrangements you made with another user. These agreements will never be tolerated. We preserve the right to ban or penalize a team for illegal behavior.

It is forbidden the transfer of players between two users connecting through the same IP address (same computer or the same local network)


All the people who work on VolleySquare are volunteers. If you want to know who they are, go to Team VolleySquare.

It's a small group of people responsible for the development and introduction of new features. They are also responsible for the proper functioning of VolleySquare and CSA applications.

Global Administrators are supported by the Local Administrators. They look for suspicious transfers and decide what penalties assign to any kind of violation of the rules.

Local Administrators are responsible for a single country. Communicate with users of their country and handle their complaints in addition to check that everything goes according to the rules. They are constantly looking for cheaters, and assign the new teams.

Translators are responsible for VolleySquare translation, keeping the site up to date. Each translator is responsible for a language.


Fitness skill
How fit is a player? How tired he is? This state will decline during a game and during a workout. His physical condition will be higher at the beginning of the game, and lower at the end. Fitness will influence the "performance" of the players in the game, but not on the training results. The fitness will increase each day gradually and will depend on the level of stamina

Stamina skill
How fast will the stamina decrease during the match? Higher the stamina, and slower will decrease. The stamina can be coached. The stamina will decrease a little every day but will increase every time you play a game.
The stamina affects the level of fitness of the player: a player with a good level of stamina will have a better fitness.

Appendix 1

Skills of the players
FormShows a player's value
FitnessShows a player's fitness
ExperienceShows a player's experience
WageShows a weekly player's wage
TransferShows if a players is avaible to be sold or ot
Corner attack
Middle attack
Back row attack

Levels of skills
World Class

Ranking VS

From 61 season has been introduce new ranking calculating assign place for official tournament in Volleysquare.

Championship Points
RankingLevel 1Level 2Serie CLevel 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
11 0006003602161297746

Champions League Points:
-WinnerFinalista SemiFQuartiF Ottavi F16 di Fin
Liv 11 0006003601809020
Liv 26003602161085410
Liv 336021613065325

National Cup Points:
-WinnerFinalista SemiF4th 8th16th 32th64th 128th256th
1 0006003601809045161086

VS Cup Points:
-WinnerFinalista SemiF4th 8th16th 32th

Friendly Tournament Points:
-WinnerFinalista SemiF4th 8th16th